I was asked by a friend last week if I wanted to come and paint her walls in her new studio she is renting. She is opening up a recording studio and she wanted music notes and other symbols to fit the music theme. I didn’t realize how much time and effort was going to have to go into painting something the size of the wall. I guess that I am just not used to painting things that big. Anyway this is just the start, there still is a ton more to do as soon as I find the time to get it done. I think I want to paint an old fashioned record player, or phonograph if you will, on the wall with a visual representation of music flowing from within and out into the open air. I think that would be something Tracey would really like. After that I think I will do something more psychedelic with a neon undertone to make it glow. Lastly will be her logo on the main wall near her office. I can’t wait to tie this all together!