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Common Questions

What types of events do you paint for?

Any Events! Futuristic FacePaint will paint at private parties, holiday gatherings, birthday parties, corporate events, promotional events, festivals, concerts, pub crawls, a nights at the club, bachelor/bachelorette parties, maternity belly painting & baby showers, costume and role play events. If there is an event that needs some color, the Face Painter can be there!

What if I don't want my picture on Social Media?

We will not post pictures of you without your consent, please inform the painter if you do not want your photo posted on social media or the internet. Your privacy will 100% be respected.

Do I have to remove any clothing?

This is totally up to you and whatever you are comfortable with.  It is your body and the Face Painter will respect all of your boundaries.  The experience is supposed to be fun, so you control the area of your skin you want painted!

Can I get A custom stencil made just for my event?

Of Course! If you want a custom design available just for your event attendees that can be done for a small fee.  Use the contact form to get in touch about your custom design. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel 7 days before event and get your full deposit. If you cancel the 24 hours from your event you will be charged 20% of your deposit. Canceling same day will be fee of 20% of your scheduled services.

If you don’t show up for your painting appointment you are charged 20% of your scheduled services.

Will the Paint Stain My Clothes?

No! The paints used are premium quality and non-toxic.  They won’t smudge from skin and will not stain clothes!

How long will the paint stay on?

The paints used are premium quality and may last five to seven days without washing.

What if I need to remove the Paint quickly?

Rubbing alcohol will take the paint off no problem! You can be painted in one second and off to an interview after a quick wipe. 

Do You only Do Face and Body Art?

Actually no! The Face Painter has a store of fine art works, pins, paintings, and post cards. Custom pieces and murals are available upon request.

What are your Travel Costs?

The first 100 miles of travel are included in your quote, miles after that are charged at roughly $25 per hour of travel.