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Christopher Messer - The Futuristic FacePainter

Christopher Messer

Christopher Messer resides in Indiana. He’s the son of a military dad and mother who taught grade school art.  He’s just about as midwest as one can be and started painting at an early age. Chris attended FlashPoint Academy, formerly known as Tribeca Flashpoint, a media arts academy in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

It was at FlashPoint that he learned fine art techniques and was encouraged to further explore his creative side.  He has since painted thousands of people in his career, with his painting philosophy being “look great and feel even better in your painted skin”.

Christopher creates his face and body painting using custom stencils he designs himself, and the paint he uses is top-of-the-line, premium non-toxic paint. The collection of stencil Christopher has built over the years is extremely large and unique. It allows him to stand out in his field and provide an out-of-this-world experience.

All the face and body art paintings are made with great care and professionalism.  Because of the quality of paints he uses, if one desired,  the designs could very well last for days in the right conditions. Not to worry though,  to remove paint simply use rubbing alcohol and a cloth.

Face and body painting services are available for the Indiana and Chicago-land area, contact Christopher with inquiries.

At the end of the day, The Futuristic FacePainter is here to take care of you and make your event one to remember.

Futuristic FacePaint Blog:

One of the best Summers so far.

Things really started to pick up over the summer and by the time Autumn got here I was booked for an event every weekend, which is great because I love to make art and see people happy. I think that once the winter comes and things start to slow down that I will focus...

NEW business cards are in!

I wanted to have something simple for this time around. I had to think about all of the little kids birthday parties I have been doing so I didn't put my usual photos on the cover. Plus I ordered 1000 of them this time so I just went with the least expensive option....

New Additions.

This is going to be LIT!

Pride In the Park 2021

I was blessed with the opportunity to paint at the Pride fest in Grant Park in June. The event was so much fun and I bet I painted about 500 people! It was two days, Saturday and Sunday with it being quite rainy and messy on Saturday, but the sun came out the next day...

Blacklight Party

My friend invited me to come to her blacklight party she was having to celebrate her friend's birthday. There were less than 10 people coming so I agreed since we wouldn't be violating COVID-19 restrictions. She had food for us and it was great! She also had bought a...

Mural Madness

I was asked by a friend last week if I wanted to come and paint her walls in her new studio she is renting. She is opening up a recording studio and she wanted music notes and other symbols to fit the music theme. I didn't realize how much time and effort was going to...

Inspire Strikes Back!

I was inspired by some mugshots I saw online and decided to try some cartoon characters. I just wanted to have a little fun and over exaggerate the features of these folks. I feel like I could maybe, and I mean maybe, one day I could do characture drawings at the...

From The Imagination

I have always just looked at things when I draw in order to have a reference to go off of when I sketch on paper. Today I just looked into my memory banks and just doodled whatever came to mind. I didn't have any theme or anything, Just wanted to draw. I do want to...

New pens, and fresh ideas.

For my birthday, which is in January, I ordered a few new pens. Two of them are vintage and came from Europe. They took about two weeks to arrive, but it was worth it. The nibs are fine and EF (extra fine) which will allow me to make some nice details. Right now I...

What I have learned so far.

I used to be very fast and loose with my sketching. I would almost just scribble with my pen or pencil across the page even if I was doodling or trying to draw something realistic. The one thing I learned from writing in a journal every day is that in order for your...

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