Face & Body Painting Services

Face and Body Painting

Painting for Every Occasion!

The Futuristic FacePainter is available for all occasions that want a pop of color. Painting is not limited to just the face but may extend to the neck and arms.  All paints are non-toxic & skin safe.  The paint dries almost instantly & will not smear or stain clothes.

Body Painting

Full body painting from head to toe! This is great for photoshoots or at live events where you need to grab the attention of your audience. Full, 3/4, and half body painting styles are available.

Full Body Painting
Black Light Painting

Glow & Black Light Painting

Just like the posters on the walls, Futuristic FacePainter can paint amazing designs that get EVEN BETTER under UV lights! This is particularly great at festivals, concerts, and live art installations.

Event Painting

Packages are available for Futuristic FacePainter to come to your public or private event. Contact Christopher with the details of your event and he will respond with a quote that will include all time and materials.

Full Body Painting
Black Light Painting

Painting Workshops

Are you interested in learning this craft? Futuristic FacePainter loves to share his knowledge and skills.  Painting workshops include instruction on airbrushing, paints, technique, and how to properly maintain your equipment. You and your group will learn to paint your own designs and will leave creating masterpieces on faces!

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