I was blessed with the opportunity to paint at the Pride fest in Grant Park in June. The event was so much fun and I bet I painted about 500 people! It was two days, Saturday and Sunday with it being quite rainy and messy on Saturday, but the sun came out the next day and so did the line for people wanting to get painted! I had to force myself to take a break otherwise the line would have not of quit. Totally worth it though to be able to be in public and to be back in action! The group that hired me to be there was so impressed that they invited me to come out again to the Market Days event that will take place this weekend on the Northside near the Cubs park. Shout out to Andre at IMPACT Chicago for having me out and letting me have to chance to paint again and be free to create some amazing artwork. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was so busy painting, but they did have a photographer on hand and Jo Ro took some amazing pictures. Stay tuned for more blog entries with more info on what’s to come, and where I will be painting in the days leading up to the Fall.