For my birthday, which is in January, I ordered a few new pens. Two of them are vintage and came from Europe. They took about two weeks to arrive, but it was worth it. The nibs are fine and EF (extra fine) which will allow me to make some nice details. Right now I just have different colored inks in them for fun as I get used to the way they write and draw. The third pen I got is a medium nib and it writes really well. I honestly love this pen because unlike all of the other pens which are forged from resin to make a super hard body, this pen is made with steel and the sucker has some weight to it. It just has a really nice feel when you hold it, like its encouraging me to draw and write. I gave it its own special leather case and everything. Anyway, that fountain pen is inked up with orange so look for that on the pages that I post.

I have a buddy that wants me to draw up a picture of the Mandalorian so he can get a pin made from the drawing I make of it, which hopefully will be really cool once we get this idea fleshed out. He wants the Mando and the Boognish combined and I think I just thought of a way to pull it off. More details to come!

The last drawing was just a sketch exercise of whatever was in front of me at the time. just for fun.

Oh, so I have some new paintings I am going to produce by this weekend and they will be posted up in the shop as soon as I get those complete! Keep checking the store for more new items that will be arriving shortly! Also, feel free to leave a comment or criticism in the comment section below, I would love to hear from y’all!