As it seems, 2021 is shaping up to be a repeat of last year. I really miss painting people, it was something I did just about every weekend and even though it was a lot of work most of the time I still had a ton of fun doing it. About this time last year I was wishing for a break, just a little time off to relax without having to go out every weekend. I feel like I got more than I asked for with the Virus causing a lock down, and forced us to quarantine. I didn’t want to believe the reports that we would have to be like this, socially distancing for over a year or more until they found a vaccine.

I have been using this time away from people to focus more on canvas painting, and other forms of art. I love to watercolor and I want to create more with that medium. I picked up some really nice frames and I think that if I coupled the frames with some nice watercolor paintings I could reach out to a broader audience. I don’t want to be limited to just face painting and black light art. I want to paint some really beautiful looking still life or landscape art and be able to take that to some craft shows and vend there.

Another thing I have been doing is making enamel pins from my paintings. I made one so far from my Triangle Rainbow painting in two different sizes and you can find that in my shop. I also made sublimated prints taken from high quality photographs of that painting. Those were then transferred to some high quality aluminum. The great thing about those prints is that they have a very high gloss and it doesn’t need a plate of glass in front of it when you frame it because the gloss sheen is so prominent.

My next avenue to explore this year is to find somewhere I can have high quality vinyl decals and stickers made that I can sell for an inexpensive price. I want to have these stickers and decals made of the art that I make so they can be applied anywhere and spread the art around. Add a little color to life!