I started to get back into drawing more. I figured that if I start drawing more often that it would translate better into my paintings. I’m looking to improve my basic drawing skills in order to create better paintings. I picked up a sketchpad and some drawing pencils, but what I really like are fountain pens. They are far superior to ballpoint pens in every way. I love how they lay down a nice thick dark line on the paper with just one stroke, where as a ballpoint will require you to go over the same line about three or four times to get the same degree of thickness.

My drawings have just been doodles really, just to start off and get me back into being familiar again with the pen and the pad. I know that I need to just practice daily in order to get better and hone my skills. I started a handwritten journal almost three years ago and my penmanship has improved dramatically since then, so I figured that if I did the same with drawing that I would see the same results.

Now all that is left for me to do is keep practicing daily and continue to push myself to do better by stepping out of my comfort zone. I included a few of the drawings I did over the past week, just some doodles really but hopefully my sketches will turn into some actual portraits here in the next few months?

If you like what you see or even if you don’t really care for it too much please feel free to leave a critique in the comment section below, I would love some input on all of this!