My friend invited me to come to her blacklight party she was having to celebrate her friend’s birthday. There were less than 10 people coming so I agreed since we wouldn’t be violating COVID-19 restrictions. She had food for us and it was great! She also had bought a few blacklights and had those installed on her ceiling so the whole room would glow. I was simply thrilled to actually paint some bodies and I spent a really long time on the two that I did since it had been months since I was able to do this. I am happy that I did too because I never spend a half hour painting one person like this and the results speak for themselves! I will be doing this tactic again the next time that I paint.

There was another artist there, Nate, and he usually paints canvas but I think he had a wonderful time painting the host to look like a level from the Pac-man video game. The two ladies I painted then turned around and tried their skills at painting the rest of the guests. Basically everyone painted and got painted… well, everyone but me. Truth be told I don’t always like to be the one getting painted, but occasionally I will paint myself. Anyway, check out the photos and feel free to book me for your next event or private party. My schedule is wide open right now.