I made the choice to start creating balloon sculptures for parties. I kept getting requests from people looking to hire me for parties to do balloons. I finally said yes, even though I had never done it before. The hope was in the few months until the party I would spend a few weeks learning how to do it. I went and bought some cheap balloons at the Hobby Lobby and got busy practicing. The first time that I did it in public we were at the park and I had strangers coming up to me to have me make hats and things for thier kids, then they gave me a tip! This got me excited. If I could make money by not eve trying, the certainly if I did try I could be doubling my income when I comes to parties. I ended up ordering about 1,500 professional balloons in three different sizes. My first party with them went really well and I even took my son, Gabriel with and he helped out as well. It certainly was a really fun way to spend the summer, and I look forward to learning as many styles and designs as I can to help me stand out from all of the rest of the competition.