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Meet the Futuristic FacePainter

Furturistic FacePaint – Body and Face Painting Artist

Christopher Messer was born in Indiana to a military dad and a mother who was a grade school art teacher. He attend FlashPoint Academy formerly know as Tribeca Flashpoint, a media arts academy in downtown Chicago Illinois.

Christopher graduated FlashPoint Academy arts school were he learned various techniques and further explored his creative side.  He has painted thousands of people in his career. His painting philosophy is “look great and feel even better in your painted skin”.

Christopher provides high quality face and body painting using his custom stencils and premium paints. Christopher is known for his extremely large and unique collection of stencils that he has been collection for many years.

He has been painting since he was a young child. He uses his great care and professionalism to create amazing face and body art. The quality paints he uses will not wash off for days in the right conditions, but to remove paint simply use rubbing alcohol and a cloth.

Face and body painting services provided for the Indiana and Chicago-land area.

The Futuristic FacePainter is here to take care of you and make your event an extraordinary one to remember.